• Store administrative and
    biometric data on one
    secure card
  • Global identity card
    solutions for governments,
    authorities and organizations
  • Advanced production
    technologies ensure
    durability and security
  • Multi-level high security
    features safeguard
    against fraud
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Smart ID Cards

For national identity cards, driver’s licenses, medical service cards and employee IDs, smart cards safeguard personal data and allow visual and biometric authentication.

Advanced Technology

Using advanced techniques and proprietary security technologies, Pitkit Zetes Smartech produces smart cards that are fail-proof, fraud-proof and beautiful, too.

Pitkit Zetes Smartech creates secure ID cards with integrated proprietary anti-fraud technologies, for national governments, non-governmental organizations, professional consultants and businesses. Our services include the design, production and personalization of high-end smart cards.

Our Customers

Government ministries, professional consultants, security agencies, national authorities and non-governmental organizations, all with their own special needs and requirements.

Security Functions

Our smart cards integrate multiple level 1, level 2 and level 3 security features, incorporating high resolution printing and our secured proprietary technologies.


Pitkit Zetes Smartech card samples have been tested by the Fogra Research Association for compliance with the international quality standards. Pitkit Zetes Smartech is certified as compliant with four international standards that represent adherence to best practices